1. Proposals must be submitted before the call deadline (see Table 2). Proposals must be submitted electronically via the online Portal (BFU). Paper submissions are NOT possible. Proposals (including annexes and supporting documents) must be submitted using the forms provided (more details follow in Paragraph 17).
  2. Proposals for both Part A and Part B must be comprehensive, including all requested information, required annexes and supporting documents:
    1. Application Form Administrative – contains administrative details about the participants (identification data, information about beneficiaries and affiliated entities, financial data, declarations). It also contains project-related templates, including the technical specification form, implementation schedule, and other relevant documents.
    2. Application Form Technical – contains the technical proposal of the project, encompassing information about both the renewable energy and the storage technology type.
    3. Application Form Financial – contains the financial offer.
    4. Mandatory annexes and supporting documents (templates will be available to be downloaded from MECI website, BFU[1]):
      1. Proof of organizational form
      2. Technical specification form
      3. Binding schedule of implementation (Gantt chart)
      4. Business plan of the project with calculations of the financial figures and results of the project, including LCOS, LCOE, IRR
      5. Declaration for public funding received for the project / co-financing declaration
      6. Declaration of compliance with the State aid exemption rules
      7. Declaration of consent for the processing of personal data
      8. Conflict of interest declaration
      9. Declaration on the avoidance of double funding
      10. Declaration of certification of personal status
      11. Registration of technical and professional skills of the applicant
      12. Bank guarantees
      13. Proof of technical capabilities
      14. Entity founding documents (for legal entities)
      15. Proof of financial capabilities, including CVs of core project team members if required by the call, list of previous projects supported by commissioning certificates or other similar documents
      16. Documents verifying the specified technology’s stage of maturity as outlined in the Scheme
      17. Map and documents indicating the project area and geolocation data
      18. Document certifying the right to use the land
  1. The online application form on the Portal enables the submission of additional documents to verify the applicant’s eligibility. These include copies of the financial activities (reports from the last two years), permits for construction, grid connection, environmental impact assessment, power of attorney (if applicable), among others.
  2. When submitting a proposal, the applicant must confirm its mandate to act. Additionally, it must verify that the information provided in the application is accurate and complete, and that the participants meet the criteria for receiving EU funding, including (eligibility, financial and operational capacity, exclusion, and other relevant conditions).
  3. All documents accompanying the application must be legible, accessible and printable if they are not submitted in digital format (i.e., pdf format). Evaluators will disregard any pages that are unclear or not relevant to the project. The maximum file size is limited to 10 MB and the application form will not accept uploads exceeding this size. Both PDF and ZIP file formats are supported for uploads. Documents requiring signatures must either have a valid electronic signature or be hand-signed and scanned into PDF format. In subsequent stages, the applicant may be requested to provide additional documents for purposes as legal entity validation, financial capacity checks, and bank account verification. For further details on the submission process, including IT-related queries, please refer to the Online Manual.
  4. Applicants must attach a Participation Guarantee Letter to the Application form. This letter should specify an amount that adheres to the requirements outlined in the Scheme (further details can be found on the digital platform) and must remain valid for a minimum of 12 months. Additionally, confirmation that the application fee has been paid must be included. The offer must remain valid for a minimum of 120 days following the submission of the application.
  5. All documents attached must be valid on the date the offer and must remain valid for the entire duration of its validity period. In the event of any unexpected delays in the Scheme process, MECI may request an extension of the bank guarantee.
  6. All the above details will be announced and published in detail after the selection procedure and before the bidding process.

[1] ΑΠΕ (meci.gov.cy)


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