1. The general indicators related to support under the JTF, included in the Annexes to the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the JTF are:
Outputs Results
RCO 01 – Enterprises supported (of which: micro, small, medium, large)

RCO 02 – Enterprises supported by grants

RCO 05 – New enterprises supported

RCO 22 – Additional production capacity for renewable energy (of which: electricity, thermal)

RCR 01 – Jobs created in supported entities

RCR 02 – Private investments matching public support (of which: grants, financial instruments)

RCR 31 – Total renewable energy produced (of which: electricity, thermal)

RCR 32 – Renewable energy: Capacity connected to the grid (operational)

Source: Annex III Regional Policy Common Output Indicators (‘RCO’) and Regional Policy Common Result Indicators (‘RCR’) for the Just Transition Fund.

  1. MECI will monitor the implementation and reporting of the indicators. The base value of the indicator is “0”s, and the target value of the indicator (to be filled in the application by the bidder), which corresponds to the sum of the output active power of the inverters (output characteristics of all inverters in MW) supported with the current investment.
  2. The following indicators related to investment performance will be monitored as well:
    • Additional new installed capacity for electricity generation from renewables, which is connected to the grid and put into operation, MW;
    • Installed and put into operation new capacity of energy storage directly connected to renewables, MW (the maximum output or capacity of energy storage systems to generate or store energy instantaneously);
    • Operational capacity of installed storage facilities, in MWh (the energy storage capacity over time, indicating how much energy can be stored or discharged by the system over a certain period).
  3. The base value of the indicator is “0” and the target value of the indicator (to be put by the applicant), which corresponds to the total capacity of the newly installed energy storage facilities (in MWh) supported by the current investment (the maximum energy that can be stored by the battery in MWh) by the DC part.


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