1. The total available budget for Part A of the Scheme is EUR 40 000 000 (forty million euro)[1]. Funding for Part B of the Scheme could come from national resources, additional European Funds, other relevant funding programmes or a mix of these sources. Importantly, Part B will be launched at a later date, distinct from Part A, ensuring a phased approach to the scheme’s rollout.
  2. The planned total amount for Part A of grant funding is distributed indicatively in 2 (two) call procedures as follows:
  Investment aid, existing plants
Categories A1
Investment aid, new plants[2]
Categories A2
Categories 4 Categories: 4 Categories:
A1.1 Up to 120 kW

A1.2 151 kW-1 MW

A1.3 >1 MW

A1.4. Self-Consumers[3]

A 2.1 Up to 120 kW

A 2.2 151 kW-1 MW

A 2.3. >1 MW

B 2.4. Self-Consumers

Round of application submission 1st round, one common tender, competition for budget set for each category (FiT) 2nd round, one common tender, competition for budget set for each category & one-way CfD

Table 1: List of Categories of Part A of the scheme for both Part A1 and Part A2

  1. MECI reserves the right not to award all available funds, depending on the proposals received and the results of the evaluation.

9.1 Timetable and deadlines

Timetable and deadlines (indicative)
Pre-announcement of the Scheme (Public consultation) May 2024
Public consultation evaluation results July 2024
Call opening (Publication of the final Scheme) 1.08.2024
Receiving applications (Digital platform) 16.09.2024
Deadline for submission 02.10.2024
Submission of a hard Copy of the Bank Guarantee (participation fee) 07.10.2024

@ 15:00

Evaluation (announcement of qualified applicants) 20.10.24-05.11.2024
Submission of objections 11.11.2024
Evaluation of objections and final list announcement 18.11.2024
Bidding auctions (through electronic platform) 22.11.2024

@ 11:30-11:59

Publication of Final results* 22.11.2024 @ 12:00
Signing of Grant contracts From 1.12.2024 onwards

Table 2: Important dates

* In case the online platform is not available the above schedule will be re-arranged (extending of timelines) and in addition  two rounds of financial proposals will be submitted, through closed envelope procedure.

[1] Refer to Annex I for budget allocation.

[2] New plants are defined as those that have not received an operational licence from CERA by the time the Grant contracts are signed.

[3] If a self-consumer exports more than 20% of their production (excess production), they may be classified as a wholesale producer, and the selling price must then be established. The cap price as determined by CERA Decision (122/2023), is set to 11 cents/kWh. This price may be subject to further bidding competition in a one-way CfD, depending on the volume require by the supplier.


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